Training Courses

At Project Control Academy, we provide top quality and creative in-house, public, and online trainings in project controls, project management, and project leadership. Here is a list of our current on-demand courses and workshops:

Applied Project Controls

A project with poor control is a project that is out of control. Applied Project Controls training provides you fundamental and practical applications of effective project controls.

Whether you are a project manager, a project controller, or a lead, this comprehensive course packages the things you need to know about project controls in a simple and structured way. It equips you with the right tools and gives you a deeper level of understanding to boost your competency in controlling your projects. This course illustrates how to effectively plan, control, monitor, and forecast a project’s schedule and cost. More importantly, it shows you how to develop the project’s plans and processes so that schedule and cost control are achievable goals.

Closely aligned with the Project Management Institute’s standards and guidelines, Applied Project Controls training looks at basic and advanced methods for keeping your projects in control and provides you strategies that help you determine the best approach on your project.

Essentials of Earned Value Management

Essentials of Earned Value Management is a comprehensive, simple, and step-by-step training program that equips you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively and efficiently assess the status of your projects in terms of cost, schedule and scope. It helps you forecast your project’s ultimate cost & schedule outcomes, and more objectively measure your project performance.

Closely aligned with Earned Value Management industry practice standards, this course promotes a common language in communicating your project status. It helps you improve your projects’ productivity and performance by uncovering performance issues at an early and correctible stage in your projects.

The Essentials of Earned Value Management training program is a dynamic and interactive training that engages you throughout the entire program via its extensive examples, exercises, and case studies. This makes it easy for you to apply your learning to your own projects immediately.

Mastering EVM for Project Success

Are you ready to master your skills in Earned Value Management (EVM) and lead your projects to greater levels of success?

EVM Mastery training program provides you a working level understanding of Earned Value Management by walking you through a project case study step by step. You will experience implementing Earned Value Management on this sample project from conception to completion stages and learn the best practices and tips in every step of the process.

The EVM Mastery training course is an advanced course in Earned Value Management that focuses primarily on the “hands on application of EVM”. This training course is intended for individuals who already have some knowledge or experience in EVM or have taken the “Essentials of Earned Value Management” course, offered by Project Control Academy.

This applied training in Earned Value Management is structured into 13 modules followed by 10 case studies.

Project Scheduling Blueprint

Developed based on the standard industry practices such as PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling and GAO Schedule Assessment Guide, this comprehensive course has been designed to provide you a deep understanding of Project Scheduling concepts and applications in a step-by-step process. It will also equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to develop, update, analyze, and control an effective project schedule.

This comprehensive course is applicable to anyone who is willing to have a fundamental understanding of Planning/ Scheduling. It should be noted that this course does NOT provide training on applicable scheduling software.

Project Controls Career Roadmap

Are you willing to get into Project Controls, but don’t know how?

Are you already in Project Controls but looking for ways to further advance your career in Project Controls?

Are you tired of your current position and interested in switching to a new role, but don’t know how?

Are you interested in getting promoted to Project Controls Lead or Management positions, but don’t know what knowledge & skills you need to acquire?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, you will learn a ton from the Project Control Career Success Roadmap training that is developed just for you.